Only your Super Race Crew can divulge the real tips you gnarly a$$ runners need to know to survive the distance.


1 - Run in the BUFF!
These dandy items are coveted as a runner with their multi-use function. Wrap around your wrist for the dripping nose and sweaty forehead. Wrap around your head for the liquid awesome dripping down to your eyes. Wrap around your neck with ice rolled in it-BONUS if your rad friend helps tie one on (as seen above)

2 - Be careful what your eat
Much like a distance event, try to not overfill the belly. Light snacks, gels and other digestible delectables that have been tested previously on your run.

3 - Hydrate, but don’t over hydrate
Yes, over hydration is common…drink to thirst!

4 - Change your clothes and bag the dirties up!
Everyone in your van will appreciate you bagging up the stinky, sweaty stuff. You will appreciate putting on the clean stuff.

5 - Glide
The unmentionables and obvious places. You will know what you missed later in the shower and can rate them 1-10 on the scream scale.

6 - Caffeinate
Who doesn’t love a little buzz to get them through the miles?

7 - Pour some water on me
If you pour water over your head, be sure to miss the rest of your clothing and especially your shoes as it will be a rash making squishy ride! Do so by hinging forward from the hips and tipping the head, then pour the water on the head only.