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How Long Can You Endure?

Get loopy, test your endurance, and see how long you can run in our new timed event format. Variety is the spice of life. We offer 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 hour timed events to see how long you can go. The longer you run, the more bling you get to haul home. The mission? Run as many 1.25 mile loops as you possibly can. Will it be fun? Heck yes! We will make sure the party is thumping at our start/finish line aid station so you can celebrate each loop.

What if you start and want to run longer? We will allow you to upgrade during the event to a longer time…all you need to do is bring cash and put it in the upgrade jar (and of course let the timers and race directors know)!

Why a timed event?

  • A shorter timed event (2 - 4 hours) is a great opportunity to get in a supported training run! Imagine getting to run with people while getting full aid every 1.25 miles! Use this event as a training opportunity for an upcoming marathon or ultra.

  • No fear of cut-offs: If you’ve been worried about attempting a marathon or 50k due to fear of course cut-offs, well you don’t have to worry about that any longer. Selecting a 6 - 12 hour event will give you plenty of time to tackle the marathon or 50k at your own pace!

  • Great Way to Tackle your First 50M - The 12 hour event is a perfect opportunity to take on your first 50 mile race in a well supported, low risk format.

  • It’s just plain fun! You will never feel like you are alone and will always have someone to run with. Plus you get to loop through the start/finish party every 1.25 miles!

Race Day Schedule

Battle Point Park
11299 Arrow Point Dr NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Race Day Packet Pick-up and Registration: 6:30 AM - 7:45 AM
Pre-race Briefing: 7:45 AM
Race Start (all times): 8:00 AM
Race Finish (12 HR): 8:00 PM


Parking will be available at the Battle Point Park Soccer Fields

Directions from Ferry Terminal

course aid

There will be one fully stocked aid station at the start/finish area that runners will be able to access every loop. The aid station will be equipped with traditional ultra fare including salty snacks (chips, pretzels, etc.), candy, soda (coke and ginger ale), PB&J sandwiches, fruit (orange and banana), Gu Energy Gels, Gu Electrolyte Drink and some other more substantial food items for the final 6 hours of the event. While we try to be accommodating, it is impossible to accommodate all food allergies and dietary preferences, so we encourage runners to bring their own food if there are specific items that they prefer/need during an endurance event. There will be ample room for runners to set up small personal aid stations with chairs and tables if they desire.


Personal aid, drop bags, and crew

We encourage runners to bring their own drop bags and food items, especially if they have specific nutritional needs or preferences. We will allow bags to be stored in the drop bag tarp at the start/finish area. Additionally, runners can feel free to set their bag along the course with a chair and a small table. Due to park limitations, we are not allowing personal tents or canopies at the event. Friends, family and crew are welcome to hang out at the start finish area to assist you or join you anywhere along the course.

RACE Rules

Timed events work a little differently than fixed distance races. You may run as many or as few miles you want in your allotted time. There is no minimum and no maximum distance, and no possibility of a dreaded DNF…so run as you please!! There are a few simple rules to guide you.

  1. You must complete a full loop for distance to count, we do not take “partial” loop distances into account (i.e. you will not get credit for stopping half way through a loop).

  2. You must FINISH your final loop before the time cut-off. So if you are running the 6 hour and go out for your final loop and finish your final loop at 6 hours and 2 minutes, the distance for your final loop will not count.

  3. You must run the course in the designated direction (counter clockwise).

  4. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE RACE COURSE! As much as we love our animal friends, unfortunately our insurance prohibits us from allowing dogs to be on our course. We thank you for understanding.

  5. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL! We do not have permits to have alcohol at this event, so participants are prohibited from brining or consuming alcohol.

refund and transfer policy

We do not allow refunds, transfers, or deferrals under any circumstances. All registrations are final.